Click links below to see recent video: October 2012: Arvil Freeman interview and music with David Holt and Carol Rifkin, film by Kent Withington for FHC. August 2012-Carol Rifkin, Jamie Soesbee, Arvil Freeman, Chance Shivers as Paul's Creek at Asheville's Mountain Dance and Folk Festival. Carol sings "Remember Me"  (video by Kent Withington) August 25, 2012 Jamie Soesbee, Carol Rifkin, Arvil Freeman, Tom Pittman sing "Radio in the Henhouse" (video by Kent Withington) June 30 2012 Arvil Freeman, Tom Pittman, Carol Rifkin, Jamie Soesbee -Carol sings "Hobo's Last Request" and "When the Wagon Was New"  (video by Kent Withington)
December 2011 Carol Rifkin dances to Doc Watson, David Holt, T. Michael Coleman Merlefest April 2010 Paul's Creek sing "Keep on the Sunny Side"  Carol Rifkin dance to Doc Watson, David Holt and Josh Goforth at MerleFest 2010 Paul's Creek with guest fiddler Arvil Freeman play "Rose of My Heart" for a waltzing MerleFest 2010 "Sail Away Ladies" at MerleFest 2010 Carol Rifkin dancing to Tommy Jarrell, Aly Bain, Paul Brown and more in 1985 this is the shortened version that just shows Carol dancing and playing and not the whole interview with Tommy Jarrell Discography in 2011 Paul's Creek's music was selected to represent mountain music and was included on the video produced by the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area. "Paul's Creek" released in 2010, features Carol Rifkin, Jamie Soesbee, Arvil Freeman, Troy Harrison, Ralph, Marty and Don Lewis, Tim Gardner. Carol appears on her first solo CD "Old and New From the Mountains" in the mid '90s w friends David Holt, Rich Hartness, Bucky Hanks and more. Carol appears as a duet with Roger Howell on the "75th Anniversary of the Mountain Dance and Folk Festival" recording Carol plays guitar and sings on Roger Howell's "Hills and Heroes" recording Carol plays and sings with Dick Tarrier, Paul Herling, the Swamp Cats, Doug Dorshug and Ed Snodderly on Dick Tarrier's  mid '80s release  "Songs for Older Kids" Jamie Soesbee appears on many studio recordings including "How Great Thou Art," Carol and Jamie both appear on the 2008 release "Buddy Carol and Jamie" a full listing will be available soon. all but Dick Tarrier's recordings are still available, contact